Medical Aesthetics

Performed by a highly experienced cosmetic doctor.

Specialising in minimally invasive medical aesthetic treatments, ensuring minimal complications and quick recovery times. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities – so a complimentary consultation is included for all new clients, or clients that would like to try something new – where risks, side effects, dosage, and costs are provided and discussed.

You’re under no obligation to proceed with treatment post consultation, however in most cases the treatment you desire can be performed immediately.

We use only premium products, and they are all prescribed and administered by a highly experienced cosmetic doctor. The same doctor you consult with will be the doctor performing your treatments. There are no Skype or video consults, and no 3rd party prescriptions. Best of all, no more excessively long wait times!

We can help guide you on your journey to looking and feeling your very best.

Meet Dr. Sean

Dr Sean Arendse is the founder and director of Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinics and is currently a member and on the Board of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, and a national trainer and regular speaker for various cosmetic products and energy based devices.

Sean is also a Senior Emergency Physician at a major Melbourne metropolitan hospital, and is well-known for providing high quality, detailed facial assessments, and a natural aesthetic.

More about Dr. Sean
Dr Sean Arendse - Cosmetic Doctor & Physician


There are a range of treatments available that can help create exceptional, natural-looking results.


Complimentary (allow up to 30~ mins)

Meet and discuss your concerns with Dr Sean in person. Whether you had treatments in the past or not, unsure what treatments are most suitable for you, or simply seeking further information before committing – a consultation is a great place to start.

In most cases, if you decide to proceed with a treatment, it can normally be performed during your consultation.

Wrinkle Treatments

(allow 15~ mins)

Anti-wrinkle treatments relax your muscles to evenly smooth out deep lines and creases in common facial areas for a smoother, more energetic appearance. The popular procedure is fast and effective in reducing and preventing the formation of new lines in the skin.


(allow 15-30 mins)

Bio-remodelling filler is a unique treatment that offers a wide range of aesthetic and health benefits. This innovative treatment is a fast and easy way to achieve healthy, brighter skin and fight the early signs of ageing.

Volume & Augmentation

(allow 30~ mins)

Dermal fillers are a versatile treatment designed to restore structure and volume to key facial features. They can be administered into numerous areas of the face, most commonly the lips, jaw, chin, hands, cheeks, and decolletage.


(allow 30~ mins)

Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) can be treated safely and effectively with injections and can offer relief (on average) for approx. 5-6 months. Can be perform on underarms or hands.

PDO Threads

(allow 30~ mins)

A popular treatment – PDO Mono Threads can help you achieve the results of a face lift without the cost, downtime or risk associated with surgery. Recovery time is minimal.

Cosmetic Enhancements FAQs, Advice & Recommendations

Although it varies from one person to another, the typical treatment time is 10-20 minutes.

All our medical aesthetic treatments are performed by a doctor with exceptional skill, knowledge and experience, which means your treatments will take significantly less time than if you were to visit a commercial chain store using nurse injectors.

All our medical aesthetic treatments are performed by a highly qualified doctor, and therefore our prices can not be compared with those available from commercial chain clinics using nurse injectors.

You’re being charged for the expertise and skill that comes from years of training. The fee for treatment covers the specific amount of product that is used as well as all the required paperwork, clinical photography and aftercare that is needed.

Each client is treated as an individual, and therefore the amount of product needed will vary from person to person. Without seeing you in person, it is not possible to provide accurate pricing.