Green Tea

A powerful antioxidant able to effectively neutralise free radical damage as a result of environmental stress and UV damage. Green tea is also used to neutralises plaque forming bacteria and contains fluorine (natural fluoride alternative) to prevents cavities and strengthen teeth.

Green tea is one of the most researched natural ingredients.

The active parts of Green Tea are called polyphenols, or more precisely catechins (EGCG being the most abundant and most active catechin). There can be huge quality differences between green tea extracts. The good ones contain 50-90% catechins which make the product brown and give it a distinctive smell.

Green tea is proven to be a great antioxidant, UV protectant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antimicrobial. Because of these awesome properties green tea is a great choice for anti-aging and also for skin conditions like rosacea, acne and atopic dermatitis.

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