Pre & Post Treatment Advice

Advice and information you must follow prior to and post treatment.

Many of the treatments we offer come with risks and side-effects associated with them. Although most of the time those risks and side-effects are rare, it’s important you read the information relevant to the treatments you wish to receive so that you can make an informed decision.

Knowing how to properly prepare for your treatment and care for your skin post treatment can influence how well your skin recovers, the speed of that recovery and the overall results you’ll achieve.

To ensure the best results possible and successful treatment outcomes, you should always follow the pre and post treatment advice, as well as any advice given to you by our clinicians that may be specific to your individual circumstances.

Treatment Advice

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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Vascular

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Laser Pigmentation

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Informed Consent

Prior to receiving treatment, you must complete the Informed Consent.

This form indicates to us that you’ve read and understood the associated risks and side-effects; that you wish to proceed with the treatment; and gives us permission to perform the treatment on you.

Informed Consent Form