Exclusive discounts and specials across our entire range of treatments and products.

Our Membership program offers ongoing specials, discounts and some overall amazing value – especially for clients that see us on a regular basis.

The membership itself essentially costs you nothing because 100% of your memberships fees (including the joining fee) can be redeemed. All treatments and retail products are included (except cosmetic injectables) so almost everyone can benefit in one way or another.

Signing up is quick and easy! Simply complete the form below and once submitted, your membership is activated immediately so you can start saving immediately!

Terms & Conditions apply. See below for full details.

Membership Details

Great value for everyone!

Subscription Fee

$29.90 per week

The Subscription Fee is paid weekly via automatic direct debits. This amount is allocated to your account as credit that can then be redeemed against treatments and products.

You’ll also receive discounts on those purchases as outlined below.

Joining Fee

A Joining Fee of $149 is required upon signing up. After 6 months, this is also redeemable.

What’s Included?

Significantly good value!

As a member, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • 10% off all treatments
  • 10% off all retail products
  • $60 off all Laser Genesis treatments
  • $60 off all Skin Needling treatments
  • Double Discounts for your birthday
  • Joining Fee Redeemable after 6 months

Terms & Conditions apply. See below for full details.

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Memberships - Single Plan

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Double Discounts on your Birthday 🎉

If you would like to receive Double Discounts on your birthday, you will need to provide your Month and Year of Birth below. For security reasons, we do not record the Day. We will however need to sight valid, government issued ID (such as a drivers licence) that shows your full Date of Birth.

This is completely optional and entirely your choice. However, Double Discounts can not be applied without providing this information.

If you do not enter your Date of Birth here, you will not be able to provide it at a later date and Double Discounts will not apply at any stage during your membership.

Membership Details

$29.90 for each week, for 26 installments

The Joining Fee of $149 and your first Weekly Subscription Fee of $29.90 is required today, totalling $178.90

$29.90 will be debited on the same day each week moving forward. This will continue until a total of 26 payments have been made, at which point your membership will end.

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, it's important that you've read, understood and agree with the Terms & Conditions. If you're unsure about anything, or have any questions whatsoever, please contact us before proceeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your weekly payments of $29.90 are allocated to your account as credit. This credit can then be used to pay for treatments and products. As a member, you’ll also receive the associated discounts.

Yes! Regardless of how much credit you have, you’re still entitled to discounts.

The only requirement to continue receiving discounts is that your weekly payment of $29.90 is paid on time each week.

No, unless stated otherwise!

We don’t generally discount or offer specials to the public. If we do, they will be provided as ‘as is’ and can not be used in conjunction with any other special or discount – including your membership discount.

You can however use any credit you may have to purchase the special.

The memberships offer exclusive specials, discounts and benefits that are otherwise not available. If you were able to join for free and then cancel at any time, memberships wouldn’t be viable so we do require a small commitment on your behalf.

We believe the Joining Fee is a small price to pay given the inclusions. You get it all back anyway assuming you remain a member for a minimum of 6 months and make all the required payments as scheduled.

The Joining Fee also helps to eliminate any fake/fraudulent submissions that may occur.

Yes it is.. but you must remain a member for a continuous 6 months and make all weekly payments as scheduled.

Absolutely not! You can choose when and how to use your credit. However, you can not transfer credit to another individual. It must be used/redeem by you.

Cosmetic Injectables are not provided by us directly. They are provided by a 3rd party medical practitioner that you will pay directly on the day of your treatment. You do not pay us for these.

We are looking at ways that we might be able to include injectables but for now, it’s not possible.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that prices will remain the same throughout your entire membership. We try to limit price increases to once per year and it usually only affects certain treatments. We generally don’t increase all prices at once.

If possible, we will attempt to provide a one off ‘extra’ discount (eg. instead of 10% off, we may offer 20% off) to help minimise the impact this has. This will generally only apply to larger purchases and higher value treatments.

This is a limitation of our booking software – it’s not a decision we made!

If it were possible to use existing credit to book online, we would certainly allow it.

If you choose to book online, you will need to pay a deposit as you always have. The balance will be deducted from your credit on the day (if you have credit available).

Alternatively, you can call us to book your appointments or visit us in person. Any credit on file can then be used to secure your appointment.

You can cancel your membership at anytime and for any reason – no questions asked.

However, please remember that if you cancel your membership earlier than 6 months from the date you signed up (before making 26 consecutive payments of $29.90), then your joining fee will be forfeited.

Memberships are somewhat exclusive. At any stage, we may prevent new signups to ensure we can accommodate the members we already have.

If we find we can accommodate more members, we may open it back up again. In any case, they will always remain an exclusive offering and will always be limited in numbers.

No. All payments must be made on a weekly basis via credit card. There is no option to pay in full, upfront.

No. Your membership doesn’t give you priority over someone else when booking appointments.

Whether you have a membership or not, the dates and times available are the same for everyone. Dates and times are allocated on a first come first served basis. This means planning your time carefully, booking in advance, and making sure you attend your booked appointments as scheduled.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services such as Afterpay and Zip charge us significant fees. When you factor in the discounts and benefits we are offering, it would make them unsustainable if we were to allow Afterpay and Zip payments on top of that.

While you have a membership and are receiving the discounts, you can not use Afterpay, Zip or any other BNPL service.

Membership Program Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Download Terms & Conditions