Silicones – They are not bad for your skin!

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You will find different types of silicones in a vast range of skincare, hair care and makeup because of their unique and favourable properties. Silicones have been well researched and found in cosmetic products for decades – dating back to the 1950s. They have remarkable properties that are otherwise unmatched by other ingredients. There are […]

SPF Ratings – what they really mean!

SPF Sunscreen Tan Sun

The SPF (or Sun Protection Factor) can be found printed on the bottle or packaging of all reputable sunscreens Australia wide. The most common are SPF30+ and SPF50+. There is also an SPF15+ but this is becoming a lot less common. Before we delve deeper into SPF ratings and what they truly mean, as well […]

There is no such thing as “Chemical Free”

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Have you ever seen “chemical free” printed on the bottle of your cosmetic products, such as skin and hair care? It’s a very odd claim to make, especially considering that everything in the bottle as well as the bottle itself is made up of various chemicals. Unfortunately, there are many brands, businesses and individuals alike […]

The importance of a Laser Hair Removal consultation.

We get it… you’ve been thinking about undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatments for a while and finally decide to make the plunge – throwing away the razors and living a life free of the dreaded razor-rash, and being mostly hair-free all year round. It’s possibly an exciting time for you, but Laser Hair Removal is […]

Toothpaste is now toxic… apparently!

Toxic Chemical Skull

There is no shortage of misleading, deceptive, widely inaccurate and just ridiculous information to be found on the internet. We shouldn’t really be surprised this latest nonsense has come directly from someone within our own industry – and while there is some truth to their nonsense, the context in which it’s being used highlights the […]