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TCA Peels

Reduce the signs of ageing, acne and scarring, pigmentation; and balance out uneven skin tone and texture.

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TCA Peels are generally well tolerated and great for treating and correcting more serious and difficult skin concerns such as acne scarring, severe sun damage and ageing, as well as pigmentation – but they can also be used for general skin resurfacing to deliver a more refreshed, vibrant look and feel!

There are multiple levels of TCA Peels available with each getting progressively stronger and more aggressive as required, depending on the concerns we are targeting and what you are wanting to achieve.

They are highly flexible and can often be combined with various other modalities such as Laser Genesis, Skin Needling and LED – but this is usually only done for clients that have had at least one TCA peel recently, and currently using prescribed home care to help support the skin pre and post treatment.

If it’s your first TCA peel, we recommend starting with Level 1 to assess tolerance. As always, a Consultation is recommended prior to undergoing any treatments to ensure safety and suitability. If you’re currently using or willing to commit to a basic home care routine, then we can usually jump straight into higher levels.

TCA Peel Benefits

TCA Peels are a cost effective alternative to ablative laser resurfacing and can successfully target and correct a large range of skin concerns including a reduction in pigmentation, softening of post acne scarring, and reducing the appearance or fine lines and wrinkles.

Whole Body Treatment

TCA Peels can be applied to most areas of the body including the chest, back, arms, neck and shoulders.

Reduce Pigmentation

Fades pigmentation such as sunspots/liver spots, freckles, melasma and other superficial discolouration

Treats Acne Scars

Red and brown blemishes as well as pitted scarring from acne can be reduced and eliminated

Reduce & Unclog Pores

Works within the pore to unclog and decongest as well as and reducing the visible size and appearance or pores

Smooths & Softens

Resurfaces the skin exposing plump, fresh, smoother and brighter skin tone and complexion.

Youthful Complexion

Eliminates sun damage and reduce the appearing of ageing skin. Firms & tightens the skin to reduce lines and wrinkles.

TCA Peel Treatments

There are multiple TCA Peel levels available. As the level increases, so does the potential down-time and inherent side-effects, such as mild to severe shedding of the skin as well as the need for strict home care.

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TCA Peel – Level 1

$199 (30~ mins)

A superficial peel intended to fade brown pigmented lesions including solar lentigines (sun spots) while boosting collagen and elastin production to improve the appearance of wrinkles and signs of premature ageing.

TCA Peel – Level 2

$249 (30~ mins)

A superficial peel and clinically proven to reduce brown pigmented lesions and dark spots, lines and wrinkles including around the eye area as well as keratosis pilaris (chicken skin). Revitalises the skin and boosts collagen and elastin production to improve the signs of premature ageing.

TCA Peel – Level 3

$299 (30~ mins)

A safe but powerful Medium depth peel that lifts stubborn pigmentation, and sun damage while improving acne scars, enlarged pores, lines, wrinkles and skin texture.

Cosmo Peel Forte

$599 (30~ mins)

Cosmo Peel Forte is an advanced skin resurfacing treatment, and a clinically proven alternative to ablative laser. Designed to dramatically improve sun damage, skin ageing, and scars, specifically pigmentation and sun spots, lines and wrinkles.

With the right preparation, this treatment is suitable for all skin types except sensitive and compromised.

Expect at least 2~ weeks down-time!

Preparing for a TCA Peel

Preparation forms a crucial part in how well your skin responds to a TCA Peel, how quickly you recover, and the results you’ll ultimately achieve.

TCA Peels – Levels 1 to 3

To ensure the treatment goes ahead as planned, it is strongly advised that you complete a Skin Consultation with us prior to treatment, and you be using minimal home care to help prepare the skin. This is especially important if you’re new client.

Providing your skin is in good health and not compromised in any way, you can generally receive a low-level TCA Peel without any preparation.

Whether the treatment goes ahead on the day will be determined by the clinician at the time of your appointment.

To ensure the treatment does go ahead as planned, the best results possible and successful treatment outcomes, we strongly recommend you complete a consultation and take up the minimum home care products as recommended by your clinician. This is usually a simple routine consisting of 2-3~ products you’ll use morning and night.

Results are generally significantly better when you combine home care with in-clinic treatments. Not to mention recovery is much more comfortable.

Cosmo Peel Forte

A consultation is required for all new clients to determine suitability. If you’re an existing client, have completed a skin consultation within the past 6 months, and currently using prescribed home care, please contact us to discuss your options.

This is a ‘once a year’ peel that will completely resurface the skin. You must prepare your skin for this treatment adequately as detailed by your clinician.

Although it will vary slightly from one client to another, there are specific products that you will need to commit to using for approximately 2-4~ weeks prior to treatment, and 2-4~ weeks post treatment.

This pre and post care helps to prepare your skin prior to treatment, and supports your skin post treatment.

What to expect during a TCA Peel

TCA Peels performed on their own are rather quick – but they are also very flexible. In some cases they can be combined with other treatments such as Skin Needling or Laser Genesis.

Individual treatments take from 30-40 minutes to perform. If you combine TCA Peels with Skin Needling or Laser Genesis, the entire treatment will take an additional 20~ minutes.

Once in the treatment room, a quick chat will take place with your clinician. If we deem it safe and suitable, you’ll complete the informed consent form and prepare for the treatment by getting comfortable on the treatment bed.

The treatment begins with a cleanse and a quick skin sensitivity test. All going well, the peeling solution will be applied to the skin.

Depending on the level of peel being applied, you may feel a slight tingling sensation combined with heat which usually dissipates within a minute or two.

Unlike the more common AHA/BHA peels which often require a neutraliser, TCA Peels do not. TCA Peels remain on the skin and will self-neutralise after a short period of time.

The treatment ends with the application of a sunscreen.

If you’ve opted to undergo Skin Needling or Laser Genesis, the treatment procedure will be altered to accommodate those options.

Overall, most people find the entire experience comfortable and straightforward.

What to expect after a TCA Peel

Generally well tolerated by most, however the level (strength/percentage) of the peel can greatly affect the downtime and the pre and post care required.

TCA Peels – Levels 1 to 3

You can expect mild-moderate shedding of the skin for up to 7 days post treatment (shedding of skin may increase slightly as the treatment level increases).

The skin may feel tight and dry so it’s important to keep a basic, fragrance free moisturiser close by and use it whenever necessary. Vaseline (pure petroleum jelly) can be used if required but we suggest using the home care prescribed to you by your clinician.

Cosmo Peel Forte

You can expect moderate-severe shedding of the skin for up to 7-10~ days post treatment. The skin will likely feel very dry and tight so it’s crucial that you use the prescribed home care as directed.

Post Care Advice & Recommendations

The information below is general in nature and intended as a guide only.

TCA Peels – Levels 1 to 3

In general, TCA Peels are well tolerated by most people. They don’t generally require much in the way of preparation or post care, however everyone is different and will respond different.

If you’ve used your home care as prescribed pre treatment, then you can expect a faster recovery and less shedding of the skin. If you have not been as diligent with your home care, then you may experience greater recovery times, more discomfort and greater shedding of skin.

The ‘level’ of peel received can also influence the amount of shedding and recovery time needed but this is not always the case.

Cosmo Peel Forte

It’s important that you remain indoors as much as possible – avoiding any contact with direct sunlight. If you do need to venture out during daylight hours, heavy SPF coverage and a wide-brimmed hat is crucial to protect your skin during the healing and recovery phase.

You must follow all Pre & Post Treatment Advice at all times.

Not sure where to start?

You should book a Consultation!

It helps us to understand the unique profile and aspects of your skin, your presenting concerns, and your expectations and goals.

It helps you to understand what's involved in the treatment process - such as any associated down time and how to better care for your skin to prolong and maintain results.

We can provide you with safe and suitable options to ensure the best results and successful treatment outcomes.

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TCA Peel FAQs, Advice & Recommendations

Prior to your first treatment, you must review all pre and post treatment advice that is relevant to you, as well as complete the Informed Consent form.

Generally speaking, yes!

TCA Peels are very different to what you’ll find in your average beauty salon or day spa. They are serious skin treatments – and you should take them seriously.

The consultation helps to ensure the treatment is safe and suitable for you. If you do not wish to undergo a consultation, then we have a range of entry level Clinical Facials & Peels available to choose from.

Not all treatments are suitable for everyone. You need to be a suitable candidate and there are many factors to determine this including, but not limited to your past/previous treatments, medical conditions, medications, current skincare routine and more.

Existing Clients: if you’ve had a Skin Consultation within the past 12 months and currently using prescribed home care, please call us as we may be able to expedite the process.

It will vary depending on what you are hoping to achieve, the level of peel being performed, and your commitment to home care. Specifics will be discussed during your Skin Consultation.

These peels are not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding or if you are currently using or recently stopped using Roaccutane.